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3 pessoas acharam útil. A alternativa correta é a letra a. As palavras que preenchem as lacunas são on e at . Muitos exemplos de traduções com a. Choose ( sb. /sth. ) v — elegir algo/a algn. Optar por algo v. His answer’s short and sweet. Lyle merrifield, the president of the maine maple producers association, answers five questions in advance of the annual maine. Choose the best answer, and record your answers on the toefl junior answer sheet (pdf) or use a sheet of blank paper. You can check your answers using the answer key.

Choose The Best Answer

English worksheets: choose the best answer

Choose the best answer to fill the gap in each of the following. Check | answers | reset. 1 i prefer coffee tea. 2 i don't fancy the theatre again. I'd rather to the cinema. Avaliação de inglês para estudantes do sétimo ano do ensino fundamental. Simple present , leitura de tirinha e cartaz, “parts of the house”, entre. I tested the best ai chatbots and writers that can lighten your workload, from writing emails to generating code, images, and more. Is a guessing game where you and your friends answer questions and try to guess each other's answers! Play with your friends, your classmates, your crush or your.

Choose The Best Answer
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The most common camera types are: Dslr cameras use a single lens to frame, focus and take photos. This makes them a popular choice among. I think people nowadays prefer instant messaging. Respondido • verificado por especialistas.

Choose the Correct Answer | 10 QUESTIONS English Grammar Quiz

Choose the Correct Answer 10 QUESTIONS English Grammar Quiz.

Choose the best answer, (a), (b), (c) or (d):/. All the efforts to restore it, the 1930. Art deco style building. I think second is the best answer to the question because the person is answering according to the question. While, in first, the person is telling the benefits of. Ensino fundamental (básico) answer. 13 pessoas acharam útil. Choose the best answer, according to the text. Refer to the words in bold when necessary: The words may and could are used to indicate uncertainty.

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