Comandos Dragon Block C

2dbc server sided configs. 2. 1allow attributes over max. 2. 2form damage multiplier. 2. 3ki regeneration multipliers. 2. 4racial skill tp costs. No jogo dragon block c, você pode adicionar pontos de treinamento (tp) usando comandos. Para fazer isso, siga os passos abaixo: Storyline (saga system) npcs. Webminecraft dragon block c cheat commands (add tp, level up attributes) update as of 1/1/2018: I have returned, was never expecting this many views.

Comandos Dragon Block C


Webaprenda a configurar e usar os controles do dragon block c, um jogo online de dragon ball z. Veja como definir atributos, habilidades, técnicas, slots, slots. Webthis page contains commands that can be used with years c /jycage : This command has two uses. You can use it to set the day you've been alive to certain number. Webtodos os comandos do mod dragon block c! 1. 7. 10 | pt 2. Webdragon block c is a mod for minecraft that adds a story mode, races, forms, ki attacks, skills, weapons, scouters, and more based on the dragon ball, z,. Ctrl + right click. July 12, 2018 ·.

Comandos Dragon Block C


Todos os comandos úteis para os jogadores! Weba mod that adds dragon ball z, super, gt elements to minecraft. Learn how to use commands to access story mode, races, forms, ki attacks and more. /dbcreicarnate (nombre jugador). more. Weblearn how to use various commands for dragon block c, a game based on the popular anime one piece.

Dragon Block C Todos Comandos!

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Find out how to add training points, change attributes, show. Jingames dragon block c. *all skills must be purchased with tp and mind from a master, the skills vary depending on the master*also all skills have a max level of 10, level them up using mind. Web© 2024 google llc. Dragon block c comandos:dragon block c mod pagina del creador: Webscouter function key that switches the functions of your scouter. (pick block) cycle through the ki attacks at the right side. 2nd function key, allows you. Webhow to install and play dbc. Guides on how to play or get started with dbc (dragon block c), the 1. 7. 10 dragon ball minecraft mod.